Dental clinic GIDENTA provides top quality treatment at excellent rates. At our Clinic, you will receive customized treatment that best suits your health condition, aesthetical needs and financial capabilities.

Our clinic’s staff takes a very personal approach, ensuring that you are provided with a treatment plan, priority time booking, optimal scheduling and assistance in organizing your trip at no extra charge.

All prices listed below include material and component costs.

Urgent services are under extra charge of 20 %.

Consultation and examinationsPrice EUR
Dentist (specialist) consultation20
Treatment planning-
Dental X-ray6
Panoramic dental X-ray (digital)20
Preventive and aesthetic proceduresPrice EUR
Professional oral hygiene45-60
Removal of dental deposits using “Air flow” method and polishing (1 tooth)1,5-1,8
Teeth whitening the safest whitening system in the world " Beyond whitening accelerator"180
Teeth whitening at home set130
Teeth jewelry35
Teeth whitening at the clinic190
Dental therapy ant treatmentPrices EUR
Photopolymer (Helium) filling for aesthetic tooth defect reconstruction:
Small filling35
Medium-size filling45
Large filling50-70
Glass ionomer curing composite25-30
Aesthetic restoration (1 tooth)from 90
Full canal treatment of single-rooted tooth
Root canal preparation (one canal)20-25
Difficult root canal preparation (one canal)30
Canal filling with hot gutta-percha20-25
Calcium hydroxide introduction to the canal6
Pediatric dentistryPrice EUR
Milk tooth tooth filling
Milk tooth filling using glass ionomer filling25-40
Milk tooth filling using glass compomeric filling (coloured)20-50
Milk tooth root canal treatment20
Covering 1 tooth with sealants10
Milk tooth removal15-20
Orthodontic treatmentPrice EUR
Consultation, treatment planning10-30
Diagnostic models10
Orthodontic removable plate130
Orthodontic removable plate activation12
Function appliance270
Function appliance activation15
Preorthodontic trainer109
Metal brackets for one jaw449
Sapphire brackets for one jaw749
Bracket system removal for one jaw49
ServiceMaterialPrice EUR
Porcelain fused on metal crown – 1 tooth:Ivoclar Design290-370-430
On cobalt–chrome alloy
On gold–platinum alloy
All–porcelain crown – 1 toothEmpress2350
Porcelain crown on Aluminium oxyde or Zirkonium oxyde – 1 toothProcera400
Porcelain veneer – 1 toothEmpress2360
Porcelain veneer on Aluminium oxyde or Zirkonium oxyde – 1 toothProcera400
Root inlay (metal) – 1 toothEmpress280-100
Porcelain inlay/onlay – 1 toothEmpress2290
Temporary crown (acrylic) – 1 tooth25
Dentures:Heraeus Kulzer
Plastic (acrylic)300
Plastic (acrylic)500
With attachments (locks)780
Oral surgeryMaterialPrice EUR
Tooth extraction40
Resection of root apical part145
Guided bone regeneration (bone augmentation)Bio-Oss800-1000
Autogenous bone
Sinus lift procedure for increasing bone heightBio-Oss900-1100
PepGen P15
Autogenous bone
Dental implantsDental implantsPrice EUR
Planning computerizing and producing surgical guide for submillimetre accurasy Sim Plant program900
during operationNobel Biocare725-1000
Installation of root form implantBiomet 3i725
Crown on root form implant – all parts included, 1 tooth550..
e.g. tooth replacementPrice EUR
Single tooth replacement with root form Nobel Biocare implant and crown1275-1450

If you send us an inquiry with a description of your problem and attach a radiograph or other relevant information, the doctors will provide you with a preliminary treatment plan: procedures, treatment terms and financial estimation. Contact us now

You will find it worthwhile to travel to Lithuania for a few days, enjoy your holiday here, and get your teeth cured. The costs for the trip and treatment altogether will be less than just for the dental treatment in your home country.

Payment Methods

At the Clinic we accept cash, VISA and MasterCard. If you would like to use your insurance plan, please inform us in advance. We would be happy to process any insurance claim as a service to you at no extra charge.

You are welcome to discuss all payment options with our business office after receiving your written treatment estimate.

Currency Exchange                    

Lithuania’s traditional currency, Litas, come in 10, 20, 50 100, 200 and 500 notes, 1, 2 and 5 Litas coins.

The Litas is currently pegged to Euro at a ratio of 1 EUR = 3.4528 Lt.

Exchange rates of other currencies differ slightly each day, you may check them as well as use a currency converter on the SEB Bank webpage.

All convertible currencies may be exchanged at banks and currency exchange offices, located at hotels, airports, railway and bus terminals and shops; cash may be taken from any cashpoints throughout the city.

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